My Littlest Skeleton Devblog 3

Art: I spent a bunch of time messing around with the scale of items and redrawing them and whatnot. NOW THAT DOESN’T MATTER. Say “Hi” to the super talented Mel Potts, she’s gonna do art for the game. She’s powering through what I’ve already made, just check out this progress! Food and happiness: There’s more […]

My Littlest Skeleton Devblog 2

Buy Food screen: WELCOME TO MY WEEK. It’s been UI. This one screen. It might not look like it’d take most of a week to do, but fun fact, I have no process for making art assets for this game. It started out not being a problem but as more and more things go in, […]

My Littlest Skeleton Devblog 1

Room The room grew this week! In addition to the play area getting bigger, the first test walls were added. At first you’ll probably just be able to change between one of three room templates, but later on I want you to be able to really customize your room. I did some quick tool work […]

Still working on this skeleton pet game, here’s some gifs.