My Littlest Skeleton Devblog 2

FoodUI Buy Food screen:

WELCOME TO MY WEEK. It’s been UI. This one screen. It might not look like it’d take most of a week to do, but fun fact, I have no process for making art assets for this game. It started out not being a problem but as more and more things go in, it’s starting to get bad. So I came up with a process for UI. Next I’m going to take another pass on the sell confirmation screen, to get it up to spec. After that, I need to get all the game art in line.

Back to the food screen, you’ll have 3 tiers of food. All good food does right now is make your skeleton happier. There’s a free tier of food just in case you blow all you money on hats. This way you can’t doom yourself into an unplayable state.

Hat system:

What’s the point of raising adorable skeletons if you can’t play dress up with them?


There isn’t one, and that’s not the kind of world I’d want to live in anyway. So now your skeletons can wear hats. Hats aren’t special items, either. It’s just a flag in the item object. Most things will have it turned on, actually. I might make there two flags later on, for “proper” hats and things that can be worn. That way you can have proper uptight skeletons, and stupid ones.

Platform stuff:

I’ve been thinking about features I want to add in the future, and it’s narrowed the options I have for the game some. So for the foreseeable future, the game will be a desktop game. Windows only for a while, because that’s all I have right now. I’ll have a public alpha in a week or two if everything goes well. Cross your fingers.

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