My Littlest Skeleton Devblog 3



I spent a bunch of time messing around with the scale of items and redrawing them and whatnot. NOW THAT DOESN’T MATTER. Say “Hi” to the super talented Mel Potts, she’s gonna do art for the game. She’s powering through what I’ve already made, just check out this progress!


Food and happiness:

There’s more food now. Each tier of food now has three items it randomly selects from. Better food quality makes your skeleton happier. happier skeletons make more jelly. SO KEEP EM HAPPY, OK? This is completely unbalanced right now, but it’s working.

Behavior Tree:

I rebalanced, tweaked, bugfixed a bunch of things in the behavior tree this week. It mostly revolved around getting the “fun branch” working. Things like what a skeleton should pick up, when they should put it down, when they should use the item (if it’s a trumpet or something), and when they should just wander around. This is the stuff that will define your skeleton. Later on I’ll add more preference for individual skeletons. I can’t wait to find the one skeleton that just sits in the corner all day playing the trumpet.

This kind of stuff is hard to show in an image, so here are some pictures of the behavior tree graphed out.


This doesn’t include using items, which are dynamically added as your skeleton picks things up.


I had to split the code that builds the tree up from the one large file it was becoming. And it’s only going to get bigger, too, which is awesome.

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